Is It Time to Ditch the Passwords for More Secure Passkeys?

July 25, 2023


Passwords, although widely used for authentication, are weak and prone to guessing or theft. Many individuals reuse passwords across multiple accounts, making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The burden of remembering numerous passwords leads to risky habits like creating weak ones and insecure storage. Fortunately, a better solution has emerged: passkeys. Passkeys offer enhanced security compared to passwords and provide a more convenient method of logging into accounts.

What is Passkey Authentication?

Passkeys function by generating a unique code for each login attempt, which is verified by the server. This code is created based on user and device information. Consider passkeys as digital credentials that authenticate individuals in web services or cloud-based accounts, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords.

Passkeys utilize Web Authentication (WebAuthn), a vital part of the FIDO2 authentication protocol. Instead of relying on a unique password, it employs public-key cryptography for user verification. The user's device stores the authentication key, which can be a computer, mobile device, or security key device. This key is used by websites that support passkeys to log the user in securely.

Advantages of Using Passkeys Instead of Passwords

More Secure

Passkeys offer several advantages over passwords, starting with enhanced security. They are more challenging to hack, especially when generated from a combination of biometric and device data. Biometric information, like facial recognition or fingerprints, and device details, such as MAC address or location, make it significantly harder for hackers to access accounts.

More Convenient

Passkeys also provide greater convenience. With passwords, users often struggle to remember multiple complex combinations, which can be time-consuming. Forgetting passwords and having to reset them can affect productivity, taking an average of three minutes and 46 seconds per reset. In contrast, passkeys eliminate this problem by offering a single code that can be used across all accounts, simplifying the login process and reducing the chances of forgetting or misplacing passwords.


Furthermore, passkeys are resistant to phishing scams. These scams involve deceptive emails prompting users to visit fake login pages and disclose their credentials. However, when using passkey authentication, even if a hacker possesses the user's password, it becomes ineffective. The hacker would need the device passkey authentication as well to breach the account, making phishing attempts futile.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using Passkeys?

Passkeys are emerging as the future of authentication technology, but there are some considerations to keep in mind when adopting them at present.

One drawback is that passkeys are not yet widely adopted. Many websites and cloud services still rely on passwords and lack passkey capabilities. This means users may need to continue using passwords for some accounts until passkeys become more prevalent. Managing passkeys for some accounts and passwords for others could be a bit cumbersome.

Passkeys Need Extra Hardware & Software

Another aspect to consider is that passkeys require additional hardware and software for code generation and validation. Implementing this infrastructure can be initially costly for businesses. However, the improved security and user experience offered by passkeys may outweigh the investment in the long run.

Prepare Now for the Future of Authentication

Despite these challenges, passkeys offer a more secure and convenient alternative to passwords. They are harder to hack and simplify the login process for accounts. While passkeys are not yet widely adopted, preparing for their future integration and budgeting for implementation can be worthwhile.

Overall, passkeys hold promise as a solution to address the weaknesses of traditional passwords. They have the potential to enhance cybersecurity and improve productivity for both individuals and businesses.

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