Electric Vehicle Chargers

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CT400 Charging Station

CT4000 family

All-purpose Level 2 Charging Stations

The CT4000 family charging station is the flagship workhorse of the ChargePoint roster of EV chargers. They are level 2 stations that can charge any EV and utilize the industry standard J1772 connector. These are the most commonly deployed stations. They provide about 20-25 miles of range per hour of charging. They connect to 208/240VAC.

This station can be purchased in single or dual configurations to charge one or two vehicles simultaneously. The charger can also be arranged as a pedestal mount for a parking lot or wall mount for a parking garage or the exterior of a building. The CT4000 is the ideal fit for property owners, businesses and municipalities interested in an EV charging solution for employees, customers, and residents. It provides a complete set of capabilities station owners need to manage every aspect of the EV driving experience.

Fast DC Charging

CPE 250

This is the fast DC station that charges all EVs capable of fast charging at 62.5kW, charging 25% faster than a 50kW station. It provides approximately 250 miles of range per hour of charging. These are typically used along highway corridors to enable traveling longer distances but are also often used where the driver needs a very fast fill up.

Two CPE250s can be paired together to provide charging power of up to 125kW, dynamically managing charging power between two vehicles. The Paired Express 250 is the best way to support current and future vehicles with the same installation.

CT400 Charging Station
CT400 Charging Station

Fleets and Multi-Family Homes

CPF50 Charging Station

Our Level 2 CPF50 charging station is designed for use in fleet and multifamily applications. For fleets, CPF50 stations are ideally suited for depot charging. In apartments and condos, CPF50 stations have the flexibility to provide shared community charging among residents along with personal charging for assigned parking spots. Available as a single-or dual-port station, in pedestal or wall mount and with 18- and 23-foot cable length options, the CPF50’s flexible configurations are perfect for all your electric fueling needs.


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Project management is our strength, and we will assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire installation process. They will coordinate with all stakeholders, including electrical contractors and utility companies, to ensure a seamless installation process.

Our team will start with a comprehensive site survey to assess your location and determine the optimal charging solution that meets your specific needs. We will develop a customized plan that maximizes efficiency and minimizes installation costs.

Our procurement team will ensure that all the necessary equipment is sourced and delivered on time. We work with trusted suppliers to provide you with high-quality charging equipment that is reliable and durable.


During the implementation process, our team will be on-site to ensure everything goes accordingly, including equipment installation, testing, and commissioning. We will work closely with you to ensure that the charging station meets your needs and specifications.

Peace of Mind

Partnering with Utilitra and ChargePoint means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your charging solution is in good hands. We are committed to delivering high-quality, efficient, and sustainable charging solutions that meet your specific needs.


Cloud Connected Capabilities

ChargePoint Cloud Connected Charging Stations

ChargePoint’s cloud services allow ChargePoint to monitor your stations, authorize drivers for charging, and enable you to manage and control your stations from your web browser. Charging stations are connected to ChargePoint’s cloud services via embedded cell phone technology. From your browser, you can use the ChargePoint web portal to manage and operate your stations, set pricing, and run reports.

Assure Support

Peace of mind, 98% uptime guarantee

ChargePoint's Assure service provides assurance that all charging stations will be properly maintained and operating. ChargePoint proactively analyzes the stations every day for potential issues. If ChargePoint detects a problem or if you report a station with an issue to ChargePoint support, they will take immediate action to get it back up and running. Guaranteed one-day response time and 98% uptime annually. Reduces the resources required to manage stations on a continuous basis.