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Holistix Managed IT Services
Holistix is our flagship service—a flexible, affordable Managed IT package for an organization of any size. With Holistix, you can virtually have your own IT department. If your business already has IT personnel, we can become their most reliable resource.

Holistix Managed IT Services includes:

    • Unlimited Helpdesk support
    • System updates
    • Security patches
    • IT consultations
    • Backup Management
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Anti-virus
    • Assessment & forecasting
    • Single fixed cost for IT support


Holistix has been helping companies in Edwardsville and the surrounding areas stay safe, productive and profitable through the effective use of technology. Companies of all sizes have relied on our complete spectrum of managed IT services and solutions to address their IT challenges. We provide your business with unmatched IT service: technological expertise, balanced perspective, and flexibility of use—from full-service IT to consultations for specific projects.

Proactive IT—Strategic evaluation and calculated planning - providing flexibility and scalability.

Preventative IT—Remote monitoring - identifying potential problems before operations can be disrupted.

Responsive IT—Local team of highly-skilled technicians available for any issues that arise.

with Holistix IT Services, you can expect:

Accessibility. Our engineers and certified technicians are always available to you.

Predictability of cost. You won’t be charged for every little thing; we work under a predetermined fixed cost allowing you to budget better.

Peace of mind. You know who to call, and we’ll be there when you need us.

Technology will always be advancing and changing, and you can depend on Holistix to ensure your systems are taken care of, data is kept secure, and help is at hand when you need it.


Technology can help companies perform better and faster. It provides security against bad actors, viruses and human error. It can save time and money. It could also be a big distraction and a drain on your resources if you must figure out viable IT solutions on your own. Holistix Managed IT Services provides your company with the IT expertise to help you realize your unique business vision.

Need to fill in gaps in your IT?

Even with an IT department you can find yourself running short on skill sets and resources to meet your specific needs, Holistix managed IT Services is your go-to tech team that can bridge the gap and help you meet those needs. Our team of technicians have experience in dealing with a wide array of issues from other companies. A small IT team may not have seen a specific issue before, but we likely have.

Need a full time IT partner?

When you decide you need IT support 24/7, Holistix Managed IT Services can be your answer. We provide pragmatic, cost-effective outsourcing solutions that are customized around your business. From remote monitoring and troubleshooting to equipment upgrades and network assessment, Holistix can be your full-time Managed IT services provider.

Seeking special skills and IT services?

Holistix Managed IT services has a comprehensive array of IT services and skill sets to help you with your business challenges. From procuring equipment, installing and configuring systems and bringing critical technologies to the table, we work with you to find the solutions that make sense.

Remote Work Solutions

Business today is no longer confined just to the office. It’s mobile, being conducted on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Cloud delivers 24/7 permission-based access to your company data and mission-critical software applications. Employees, customers and vendors can access what they need, when they need it, so the wheels of your business keep moving, uninterrupted. With Holistix Managed IT Services, you can rest assured that your business is protected in an ever-changing landscape.


Managed IT Implementation Process

Managed IT Implementation Process