2023 Employee of the Year

January 10, 2024


Utilitra has been awarded its 2023 Employee of the Year. The award was chosen from a pool of employees who had received Employee of the Month, a program started in March 2022. Congratulations to Brent Crain!

Brent is always the smartest, well-mannered, and most friendly guy in the room. He is a great example of aninnovative thinker. He is always on the cutting edge of GIS and surveying work. He isconstantly finding ways to improve every aspect of his work and his co-workers.

Brent Crain has assisted the Brookfield Mug group several times. Not only with phone assistance with gps help but assisting our group with QGIS assistance on how to use it. Brent also drove the 5 hours to bring us our GPS units from Edwardsville and spent theday with us to ensure we were comfortable using them. He also added to his day-to-day work by assisting us with plotting our GPS points and keeping our data current. Brent has always been professional, helpful, and willing to take a few minutes when someone needs help.

Through his explanations, updates, and feedback, we have become much stronger in our collection ofquality GPS data. He also helped us start our inspection process by brainstorming about handling new data collection responsibilities.

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