Utilitra a Winner in ScalePad's 2024 Partner Success Awards

January 16, 2024


Utilitra has Won "Backup Radar Rookie of the Year" in ScalePad’s 2024 Partner Success Awards.

The award winners were hand-selected by ScalePad's Sales and Success teams as leaders in the industry.

Edwardsville, IL (01/16/2024) — Utilitra is proud to be identified as a leader in the industry by ScalePad, not only for driving better business outcomes but also for working to protect our clients and modernizing our IT processes and infrastructure. We are honored to be selected as the Backup Radar Rookie of the Year winner.

A new Partner using Backup Radar effectively from the start. Backup information? Dashboard. Ticket noise? Reduced. And missed backups? A thing of the past. This rookie is on their way to being a backup monitoring maestro.

The ScalePad platform and organization are built to benefit the managed service provider industry. They aim to provide unparalleled performance in serving their Partners and building powerful products that go above and beyond.

"Throughout the past year, we've been consistently inspired by the exceptional expertise, unwavering dedication, and hard work demonstrated by our valued Partners," said Dan Wensley, CEO of ScalePad. "Recognizing outstanding business accomplishments remains a priority for us, and that's why we introduced the ScalePad Partner Success Awards as an annual celebration."

Utilitra's commitment to our clients and the industry is rooted in our dedication to innovation, security, and excellence. Our focus on modernizing IT processes and infrastructure and our relentless pursuit of client protection reflect our core values. "Our success is not just in the technology we provide, but in the trust we build with our clients. This award is a testament to our team's hard work and our unwavering commitment to excellence,"

About Utilitra:

Utilitra is a women-owned utility and technology solutions provider with a diverse team of specialized professionals. We are committed to solving our client’s unique challenges, whether one expert or a team of experts is needed. By adapting to the needs of their respective industries, we have built a range of services for our utility and technology customers.

About ScalePad:

ScalePad partners with MSPs to deliver the masterful IT experience that clients expect. ScalePad’s innovative asset lifecycle management, business intelligence & analytics, business continuity & disaster recovery, quote to cash & contract management, governance, risk, & compliance solutions surface hidden risks and actionable opportunities, delivering automated analysis and insights that improve service delivery.

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