Tech Talk Year in Review-2023


This year, our focus remained steadfastly on our customers, driving us to deliver tailored technological solutions. Through dedicated efforts and strategic partnerships, we've achieved significant milestones in enhancing our offerings, always aiming to meet and surpass our clients' expectations in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Project Highlights

Madison County Transit: Implemented state-of-the-art networking, surveillance, and access control in a new building featuring comprehensive monitoring, custom access schedules, and an integrated network.

MidAmerica Airport: Provided a full-scale security solution for this federally regulated airport, including intercoms, cameras, dual-factor access controls, and advanced networking, ensuring exceptional security and operational efficiency.

St. Louis Arch: Enhanced the iconic Arch with various Axis cameras, ensuring tailored and comprehensive surveillance inside and outside the landmark.

Mobile Security Trailers:

This year, we introduced Utilitra's custom-built mobile surveillance trailers, a significant innovation in our security solutions. These trailers are designed for short-term and long-term deployments, offering flexibility in various environments. The Virtual Patroller, a key feature of these trailers, is particularly effective in areas with limited or no access to power, demonstrating our commitment to providing versatile and robust security solutions for all scenarios.

Website patroller

Partnership with ChargePoint:

This year, we've significantly expanded our offerings by partnering with ChargePoint. Their diverse range of EV chargers, including the versatile CT4000 family and the fast DC CPE 250 stations, offers solutions for various needs like fleet, multi-family homes, and high-speed charging. Our project management strength ensures smooth installation, from site surveys to commissioning. With ChargePoint’s cloud services and Assure support, we provide efficient, reliable, and well-maintained charging solutions, ensuring our clients' peace of mind and sustainable technology.

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Holistix by Utilitra - Enhancing IT Infrastructure:

Our dedication to top-tier MSP services through Holistix has been unwavering this year. We've focused on empowering our customers with robust IT support and infrastructure management. Holistix has been essential in streamlining operations, from regular system updates to strategic data backups and comprehensive security reviews, ensuring that your business processes run smoothly. As we wrap up the year, it's the perfect time to ask — is your IT infrastructure ready for the holiday season and the year ahead? With Holistix, rest assured that your IT needs are comprehensively managed, allowing you to confidently and seamlessly transition into the new year.

This year's accomplishments highlight our dedication to providing advanced technology and security solutions. As we move forward, we remain committed to pioneering new frontiers in technology, ensuring our clients receive the most efficient, reliable, and forward-thinking solutions available.