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Utilitra is a service-oriented IT provider with the expertise to design, implement, and manage multiple technologies to help organizations operate most efficiently.

We work with businesses and municipalities of all sizes, creating a personalized plan for every customer. No matter the compliance requirements, we have special expertise with complex organizations, including schools, hospitals, and first responder systems.

That’s because we prioritize our relationship with every customer. We recognize the value in getting to know your business, so our solution-focused team can provide only the most ideal technologies for you.

Utilitra offers the opportunity—without the obligation—to work with a coordinated, dedicated team. Let us show you our holistic approach to service. We’ll fix the entire problem, on time, the first time.

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Holistix is our flagship service—a flexible, affordable option for an organization of any size. With Holistix, you can virtually have your own IT department. If your business already has IT personnel, we can become their most reliable resource.


Holistix Managed IT Services does not include support for line-of-business applications*, hardware warranty or replacement, intentional end user abuse, new equipment or software purchases, smartphone service or advanced support, repair of third-party peripherals, or offsite disaster recovery backups (available at additional cost).

* All supported line-of-business applications must be covered under active support agreements. If hardware is not covered under active support agreements, best effort service is provided. All supported hardware must have approved and up-to-date anti-virus software.